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Welcome To My Biography!

My name is Jhair Avina. I am an entrepreneur, an advisor to several businesses, and an investor. My love for entrepreneurship grew at the young age of 14. It all happened when I first laid my hands on a pair of turntables. I instantly knew that my destiny in life was to bring good times to people. I became a DJ, learning the trade and reaching a personal record of DJ'ing a wedding at 16 years old. I reached the point where I could quickly shift from clubs all the way to weddings. I later became a public figure. However, I knew I wasn't fulfilled. There was something within me that craved for MOREI reached a point where I wanted to grow and scale my services. BUT HOW?!

It wasn't until I reached the age of 19 when I discovered the entrepreneurial life. The life that held the secret to financial freedom, the life of the "American Dream", and ultimately the life that would take me to places I've never even fathomed before! I quickly capitalized on the trends that is Social Media and studied every aspect of it. Since then, it has been a journey of hardships, doubt, and constant variables.( similar to the early stages of my DJ career ) But, it's all been huge catalysts in reaching my goal of financial freedom. My goal now is to give back to the city that has helped me immensely. San Bernardino. And for that, I offer my services to you. My specialties include:

  • Facebook Ad Specialist 
  • Social Media Mogul 
  • Brand Consultant 
  • Speaker


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