My Biography(C)

Thanks for stopping by on my biography!

I am an entrepreneur, and fitness coach.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was only 19, when I got introduced to Primerica. When they told me I could do whatever I want and still make money, that got my attention. Since then I've been reading books about self improvement and learning more and more everyday.

Before then I was going job to job, collecting paychecks without a purpose in my life, and growing up in San Bernardino, surrounded by poverty didn't help me be positive, but after networking with some friends I now had a new hope! That day changed my life, and I knew I wanted to be successful but I didn't know how...

I started out with my own business, Coach Curtis, helping entrepreneurs succeed in the pillar of health. And although that is very fulfilling to help clients reach their fitness goals, I still didn't feel like that was my purpose here on this planet.

It was until recently that I really enjoyed designing websites and helping my friends with their marketing that I knew what I wanted to do. I can work 12-24 hours on marketing and never get tired of it! This is what is going to help me succeed and help me and my family prosper and at the same time help my clients prosper as well!