Vicro's Biography


"My name is Victoriano Roque Jr, or Vicro (vye-crow) for short.
And below is pretty much everything business related about me.
I know it all sounds very.. "essay" formatted.
But that's a part of me so I decided not to change that.


Founder & CEO of Road to Millionaire.

Co Founder of Roque Supply Co.



I believe that Internet Marketing is the most valuable profession of the century.

No other skill set determines the Success or Failure of a business more heavily than the ability to generate Leads, Sales, and Follow Up Sales.

Sales Funnels allow for trackable, predictable results that can be optimized at every possible user contact point.



I will achieve objectives in a timely manner & over Deliver with precision, organization, and insights for future success.



I believe successful partnerships value Communication, Trust, & Integrity.

My complete attention will satisfy your needs.



My plan is to use Internet Marketing Strategies make you money & keep customers.

Whether indirectly via Tasks completed,
or directly by managing Advertising Campaigns that reek of ROI.



I am an aspiring Entrepreneur who Specializes in Internet Marketing.


- Advanced Facebook Advertising
- Ecommerce
- Email Marketing
- Sales Funnel Creation (Clickfunnels)
- Branding
- Social Media Marketing
- Product Line Development (Value Ladder)


- Aware to Critical Miscellaneous Needs (reads between the lines)
- Adaptable to Requirements, Schedules, and Techniques
- Speedy Research & Problem Solving
- Excellent Communication and Integrity



- Founder & CEO of Road To Millionaire Marketing (
- Co-Founder of an Upcoming Clothing Brand in Southern California
- Overseer of various projects such as Music Labels
- Training from 6-7 Figure Earners
- Sales Auto Broker for 2 Years
- Has tried nearly every business



I love anything business related.
Seriously ask my friends.
I believe entrepreneurs save the world.


My Mini Bio:

I started my Entrepreneurial journey without knowing it when I was introduced to Multi-Level-Marketing at the age of 16.

MLMs such as Primerica exposed me to great speakers such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and many other thought leaders that still influence me today.

As a new Senior in highschool I began to study Tai Lopez.
His 67 Steps program granted me the mental and digital frameworks that it takes to succeed in Today's World. Soon I found Social Media Marketing and Ecommerce.

Now I am 20 years old and I have skipped college to pursue entrepreneurship.
Instead of expensive books and delayed learning,
I have chosen to jump straight into the marketplace and learn from the best.
I have spent thousands on my "Self-Education"
and I am ready to share my energy and capacity with you.



Don't be afraid to reach out!

Instagram: @rtm.vicro